CB offers a broader range of experiences, through private visits and excursions with emphasis on personalisation and flexibility, using sensory stimuli to trigger deeper emotional responses.

We demonstrate the capability to create innovative outings, combining traditional visits, scenery and relaxation with discovery into the Mauritian way of life.

From the greatest love story of all times of Paul & Virginie, get the opportunity of tasting the culinary wonders of the world and learn how to cook 'Mauritian Style' with some best Mauritian chefs.

Decorate yourselves with magnificent motifs from local tattoos with henna, a natural plant.

Enjoy a moderate climb of Le Pouce mountain, its view of the north west, its flora and fauna. Really unique !!!

Cool yourself in fresh water, hurtle down natural slides, leap from the top of rocks, enjoy a massage under the waterfalls, swim in the canyons or skip from rock to rock.

Try our tailor-made safe family getaway excursions, such as the bird parks, aquarium, leisure village, science centre. etc , etc.

Let us organise a 'never forgotten' moment for your honeymoon to mark a unique beginning to your wedded life with your true love.

Mauritius owns some world renowned greens. Whether you are a pro or amateur golfer, the experience will be a memorable one.